The 4th industrial revolution: what innovations have improved the business world?

the innovations of The 4th industrial revolution

The world is interconnected and globalization is no longer a change to which we must adapt but a fact that has already transformed our economic system.

What are the 6 biggest innovations shaping the 4th industrial revolution?

Big data

Digital transformation with the shift from analog to digital has increased the amount of data and information available on the web. Companies will need to learn how to manage and analyze Big Data to improve processes and strategies.

Cloud Storage

The need to share information, store it, and be able to retrieve it from any connected device has made the cloud a space used by businesses large and small. How the cloud functions across all Digital Transformation innovations you can read on the DeltalogiX blog.

Internet of things

Connecting devices to the network is an innovation that has revolutionized people’s personal and work lives. From connected refrigerators to cars that connect to the machine shop to Smart Cities. On this topic, I recommend reading “Internet of Things (IoT): the real benefits to grow your business” an in-depth study useful to understand what the Internet of Things (IoT) consists of and how it can improve the efficiency of processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Automation and Artificial Intelligence have brought significant benefits to the business in terms of resource efficiency and process improvement. Reducing workload by automating repetitive tasks and simulating human learning through algorithms is a change whose potential is still untapped. Read “RPA: the support of automation to the Business Process Management” to learn how automation improves collaboration across departments.


Systems that protect Big data and all confidential business information from attempted cyber attacks such as: Malware, Phishing, Denial-of-service attack, Man-in-the-middle attack. To learn more about Cyber Security, I recommend reading “Cyber Security: the opportunities and risks of digitization.

Sustainable innovations

With the 4th industrial revolution, there is a lot of talk about green and sustainable innovations. The big companies start to develop the Strategic Sustainability Plan and increase the funds allocated to virtuous companies. But can you associate sustainability with digitization? Sure, and to find out how to do so, I recommend you read “Sustainability and Digital Transformation: how to innovate responsibly?”

If you want to learn more about the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution read the articles of DeltalogiX, the Digital Transformation blog.