Award, events and opportunities to share with the Digital Business world


Congresses, conventions and events organized around the world are an important opportunity to create the network that fuels every successful business. I have had the pleasure of participating and receiving recognition in these events that have also left me with professional relationships that still enrich me today. They are moments in which you share your passions with professionals, different business realities and from the comparison something good always comes out. I found myself discussing environmental sustainability, technological innovations, smart cities and listening to those who have already experimented with new approaches in environments that are different from mine. Professional relationships in the era of Digital Transformation, whether virtual or physical, are always the best way to grow.

WBAF 2020: World Business Angel Investment Forum

During my experience at the World Business Angel Investment Forum, I got to experience first-hand what it means to give startups a voice and how important it is to instill the principles of collaboration as a driver for sustainable and inclusive development.

Citywire Venice 2019

Events such as Citywire Venice Retreat are meetings where fund managers can engage with fund selectors, and it is in these moments, ideas turn into opportunities. At this event, I introduced the topics of the Internet of Things and the impact of digital transformation on global investments.